Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad gives Dr. Heavenly credit for trying it, thinks Simone should blame it on the alcohol, and that Mariah's cover is blown.

on Apr 6

Yes honey the ladies of #Married2Med are back! I must say since Season 1, a lot has changed and for good reason. We’ve added new faces, discovered new personalities, and revealed FAKE friends. #UlteriorMotives

Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, you still don’t have it right! Telling a child to "Hit It And Quit IT" is way too provocative for children. This should have never come from you, seeing that you were the aggressor in last year's poolside brawl.

Ian, bullying is bad, but hitting a girl is WORSE. Inform an adult and let them take care of the situation in a mature manner and always take the high road and walk away.

Now, let's get straight to the chase. . .Mariah takes no responsibility for her actions, yet wants to take credit for my entire being. It's so sad that she looks at everyone as a pawn on a chessboard, and I'm literally disgusted. Speaking of puppets, in Mariah’s first scene with her mother and sister it amazes me how she can be Gepetto and Pinocchio at the same damn time. Using them to do your dirty work by making statements she wants to put into the universe while keeping your hands clean. #GirlBye #YourCoverIsBlown