Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad doesn't understand why Simone won't drop the Mariah thing, but is glad Greg now sees her point of view.

on Jun 22

The People Have Spoken

For the most part the trip was drama-free, however the tension between Simone and Toya continues to mount. Toya was on Simone like white on rice. I mean she went from zero to ten in 30 seconds when talking to Simone. I'm sure Toya is frustrated with Simone treating her like she’s the village idiot -- after all Toya does appears to be the one of the two that doesn't seem to suffer from selective amnesia. It was quite evident that Simone is the source of her own mess.

Unfortunately, Simone failed to realize that Toya telling me that she invited "the drama" to the cabin after I choose to remove and disassociate myself from "the black cloud" is where the messiness lies. Why not respect my wishes as a friend instead of insisting on putting me in a compromising position? I offered not to attend the couples retreat to make the decision easier for everyone. I don't understand the motivation for inviting "the black cloud" in the first place after the group came to the consensus it was best not too. #ARealMess

One question, what century is this? During the group discussion about relationships, we learned that Eugene may know his way around the kitchen, but I'm hoping he doesn't feels a wife's "idle" time is best filled with having children. Don't get me wrong, if a woman chooses to get married and become stay-at-home mom, that's fine. However, I feel a woman shouldn't be restricted to only parenting and raising a child. A woman should be afforded the opportunity to maximize her potential if she desires to be career driven. Women can be decision makers in the board room, and a devoted wives and supermoms at home. Sharing money and a uterus in the marriage is cool, LOL. Please know the workforce can be shared as well.