Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad weighs in on the Toya/Simone feud and thanks the fans for a great season.

on Jul 18

What’s good for the goose, Is good for the gander

Please allow me to draw a comparison between my situation with Mariah and Simone's situation with Toya. Mariah and I have known each other for many years. We were very close and I loved her like the sister I never had. Eugene said it best, when you feel like you have been betrayed by someone you love and you lose trust, it is hard to come back from that.

I'm not discounting anyone's feelings but, Simone and Toya didn’t know each other like Mariah and I. Nor did they have the type of relationship that we had.

Simone and Toya got into an argument over something that played out in front of the cameras for us all to see. Simone did the #DuttyWind on #BigGenie. Toya expressed her disdain. Simone got indignant, then berated and cursed Toya out. Then she blamed her bad behavior on the fact that Toya "did not call her" to handle the matter privately.

I think Simone did not take in consideration that Toya wanted the other women (and the audience) to know that she was going to address what really happened and why. I'm sure Toya would have gotten the question continuously as to why she did not address Simone’s behavior when dancing on her husband. Sorry Simone left Toya in a compromising position.