Simone Whitmore

But she thinks that grown women need to be able to be in a room together.

on May 25

As always, I have to start out with a big thank you to all of the fans for continuing to support me and my family by watching the show. I have been so busy and tired this week returning from my trip to Paris and New York. It was so much fun being on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and thanks for tuning in so late!

This episode starts out where we left off outside the fashion show with Mariah and Quad talking about the reason for the end of their friendship. I keep listening for the real reason for the pain and anger between the ladies, but I am unable to fully grasp the real issue.

It is hard for me to watch Aydin recovering from his hair transplant surgery. He really looks like he is in pain and I wish him a speedy recovery. It was nice of Heavenly to visit to with Aydin and bring well wishes. It looks like things turned sour really fast in the kitchen with Mariah, Lucy, and Heavenly. Neither Mariah nor Heavenly appeared happy when the visit ended.

It was my pleasure to take Jackson over to Jackie's office for her to begin her journey as a Mom. Please believe me, Jackson has some serious lungs and it brought back memories of when my boys, Miles and Michael, were babies. We will see how well Jackie handles Jackson to determine when we should open the adoption conversation with Curtis. One of my favorite scenes of the night was the opportunity to see Dr. Jackie ending a night of call and driving home from the hospital.