Simone Whitmore

Simone explains why she decided to make up with Toya, but thinks that maybe everyone else isn't ready to play nice yet.

on May 9

I want to start by thanking all of the #Interns (Fans) for tuning in each week to spend an hour with me, my family, and the rest of the ladies. No matter what time the show airs, you have supported us by watching and tweeting live with me.

This episode is called "Textual Healing," but I am not convinced we are there yet based on this week. These actions don’t resemble the Marvin Gaye song to me. We are still at the WEN conference, and it is definitely cry me a river with the ladies. You can tell that Mariah and Quad are both very hurt and disappointed in each other. We ended the conference with sort of a group hug, but I sincerely hope the ladies are able to hear each other and move forward as friends.

A great thing happened in the Tranquility Suite after seeing the argument with Mariah and Quad, I decided it was time to let my guard down, stop holding a grudge against Toya for public ally confronting me and apologize to her for hurting and disregarding her feelings. I was glad to hear Toya say her and Eugene never believed I was intentionally disrespecting their marriage. So there was a little tranquility left in the Tranquility suite after all!