Simone Whitmore

Simone knew that Reco was "Gonna be Startin Somethin'" and discussing what she's doing to make her marriage work.

on May 16

I have to start with another big thank you to all of the "Interns" (fans) for watching Married to Medicine and live tweeting with me. I am humbled to receive so many positive messages from young ladies who plan to go to medical school or are studying nursing based on seeing me on television.

Watching the hair implants for Dr. Aydin and the recovery from the surgery was difficult. It definitely looks like a painful process. I think I would convince Cecil to shave his head bald before I could watch him go through such a tough surgery.

I love my lunch dates with Jackie. We have a great time talking about our surgical cases, bouncing ideas off of each other and talking about our personal lives. I am having a tough time in my marriage with all of the billing issues at my office. Things appear to be turning the corner on collecting my receivables (i.e. money), now I have to turn the corner in my marriage. Coming home late after a long day in the office and at the hospital is a day in the life of an OB/GYN. I love my job, even though some days can be very long. But, I love my husband more than my job and I need to do a better job of showing him how much I love and appreciated him.

It is great seeing Quad participate in the Women of Atlanta Fashion Show benefitting breast cancer awareness. As Tom Joyner says, the ladies of Married to Medicine know how to party with a purpose. Please make sure you are doing monthly self breast exams.