Simone Whitmore

Simone has a little something to say about everyone, from Heavenly's hidden agenda to Toya's marriage and the Quad and Mariah STK squabble.

on Apr 20

Welcome, Lisa Nicole! It's refreshing to see another beautiful, smart and successful woman join the circle of friends.

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Today is my time to vent. There will be no comedy in this blog. I am EXHAUSTED and frustrated with these so-called friends. I joke about vodka more than I drink it but these bitches are making me thirsty.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder what is Heavenly's agenda. She brings Ms. Georgia Plus to Dr. Jackie's office to clarify things. Jackie seems to win over Ms. Georgia Plus with an apology and explanation. Why is Heavenly still going in so hard on Jackie? Heavenly should give it a rest and stop the unraveling mess she appears to be.

Of course, I'm laughing right now because I thoroughly warned Jackie that a meeting with Heavenly would be a complete waste of time. Hopefully, she'll listen to me the next time we're dealing with a crazy person. I am a firm believer...when people show you who they are, believe them the first time! Heavenly revealed her true colors in her own home. You can't trust someone who would invite you over only to go in for the kill. We were naive about Heavenly's ways. We've been warned!

Toya exposed herself for the clown she really is! Eugene stated just last week this poor girl needs a job, and he was dead serious. Just maybe the ball hitting her in the head at Avery's birthday party was an attempt to wake up her brain. She has no concept of the money she is spending. Even her parents have to speak to her as if she is a child (or has the mind of one).

She invited friends to this lavish 2-year-old birthday party that the child didn't seem to enjoy (nor will he remember) and her friends (Heavenly and Lisa) didn't even bring their children. HINT: No one respects her!!!