Toya Bush-Harris

The fight between Mariah and Quad opened up old wounds for Toya.

on Apr 18


The beauty of karma is to be able to stand by, and witness it...

This week's episode made me feel truly blessed for a multitude of reasons: All women have an innate subconscious need to be mothers...even women who "seemingly" put their careers first. After all, look at Jackie and the proposition she makes to her husband to use donor eggs. Being home with my children, especially as they are under five, is biologically sound for me, a mother, who is innately nurturing.

I am extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful family. My husband not only loves to do simple things like cook, but he has a passion for his career and works hard for his family to have the best life possible. My children are blessed to have all of the things my husband and I never had. Of course we invest in their future. We invest in the best schools, we also utilize many investment options to secure our children's future. Most importantly, we are building a secure foundation for our children. We agree that the only caregivers necessary within our household are Toya and Eugene; there is not a nanny in the world who can give our children what we can.