Toya Bush-Harris

Toya is surprised Dr. Heavenly would insult her behind her back, but isn't surprised this group brings the drama.

on Apr 4

I am so excited for Season 2 of Married to Medicine!!! As you can see we have come out blazing and will not disappoint you in the drama department.

We are a group of women with very different views and we love to voice our opinions. The problem with this group of women is our opinions are not always a fact, but we love to boast as though they are.

Now Mrs. Heavenly, it's very difficult for me to hear someone say, they love my spirit and consider me a friend, but then turn and insult my intelligence. Dude, I don't mean to insult you, but when I hear Heavenly speak, she doesn't articulate very well. And to then say, "I'm not the brightest in the bunch." Hmmmmm she must have graduated from Dr. Heavenly University.