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Married to Medicine

Reunion Part 1

S4/EP15 | Aired:
February 17, 2017
Host Andy Cohen reflects on the seasons biggest moments. Toya comes face to face with her tax problems; Lisa Nicole stands up against the confrontations from the other ladies about her marriage; Mariah dishes her grievances with Heavenly. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

Breast Friends

S4/EP14 | Aired:
February 10, 2017
At Toya's barbecue the ladies continue to fight and when Mariah tries to intervene things turn ugly. Lisa Nicole and Darren try to pick up the pieces. Dr. Jackie is hoping her sneak peek will provide a backdrop for friendships to heal and mend. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

The Devil is Busy

S4/EP13 | Aired:
February 3, 2017
Jackie springs a romantic surprise on Curtis. The fallout continues between Lisa Nicole and Heavenly as the two women put on dueling conferences. Tempers flare at Toya's housewarming as Lisa and Heavenly finally come face to face. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

Brazilian Bombshells

S4/EP12 | Aired:
January 27, 2017
With only a week until their conference, Heavenly and Lisa Nicole must work together. After spending months taking care of her family, Quad bares it all at her 35th birthday party! Toya and Eugene make the final leap in their financial journey. (43:24)
Married to Medicine

Coconut Bras and Brawls

S4/EP11 | Aired:
January 20, 2017
On their last day in Hawaii, Simone has one more surprise for the ladies, but will the men be on board? Quad organizes a photo shoot for Jackie and her Look Book. Back in Atlanta, Mariah spills the tea on what she really thinks of Quad. (43:24)

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