Poly-Blend? Never! Ariel responds to Michael's comments.

Jul 21, 2009

Now that I have actually seen the full second episode, I feel that it was superior to the first episode as the plots are unfolding and the characters are becoming real and familiar to the viewers.

There were two really hilarious comments in the opening scenes of episode two. One in Particular that I liked was when Lina said to George "Geeeezzzz.. up tight a__" which was in context with their conversation on Lina's arrival back to Miami, which you saw in the opening of the second episode. Their confusing relationship is one of the most exciting parts of our series. Another funny statement was by Katrina when the dog was squealing in the park and Katrina said to Michael, "He's probably making the same noise you do when your in bed."

Maria and her Daughter:

The love between Maria and her daughter is real and beautiful to watch. As I see it, Maria's daughter is mature beyond her age and seems to understand her mother very well. The daughter takes the good and the bad that she sees and still maintains a loving relationship. It's not up to me to moralize Maria's relationship with her daughter. That's Maria's business, but the love is there and it's real.