Poly-Blend? Never! Ariel responds to Michael's comments.

Jul 21, 2009

George and Lina:

In this first episode George questions his relationship with Lina, asking himself if this is lust or love. Lina's trip to St. Barths without telling George foments distrust. Distrust is hard to over come and hurts a person in general. Intellectually he knows Lina is not right for him. Emotionally George is trapped in this relationship and cant get out. George does not seem to have a future with Lina and he is confusing great sex with what a relationship should be. In order to love someone you need to like them. In the word LIKE L stands for Loyalty, I stands for integrity, K stands for Kindness and E stands for electrical energy. George has all these qualities towards Lina, but Lina does not and if George does not recognize this he will only stop himself from finding love and happiness. I've been through this before so I can relate. Lina is not a bad person, she is just not the right one for him.


I don't have anything to say about Sorah other than she is Intelligent, pretty and an all around good person. She puts up with peoples problems with good spirits and has an open mind. I respect her and any guy is lucky to have her.