Ariel defends his often out-of-line behavior.

Jul 28, 2009

Michael, Maria and a bit of Katrina:

Michael's comment regarding Katrina where he says to Maria "lets make a toast!!!.... to finding Katrina isn't a whore, continuing with a closing remark "she hasn't had a man put her in her place, she needs a man who's like shut up about the Campins Company and take it." To me it doesn't make any sense to toast your friends stating remarks like that. To me Michael doesn't like powerful woman or powerful people, they intimidate him so he says silly comments to make him feel most powerful.

Maria and Michael make a good couple. Michael is always talking about other people and interfering in other people's personal business and privacy when he should be concentrating on himself and his line of work. Welcome to Miami - there's a lot of them that lose focus of who they are. He has so much talent and he is very gifted in writing, but is stuck on other people's business and it's the wrong people, it's his friends, It's poor behavior, extremely juvenile and very sad. It's sad that Maria sits through it, because misery enjoys company. I would have just gone to the movies.

Katrina explains to Michael that deep down inside she doesn't see (Arial) -me, as an evil guy. Michael has nothing to say, he's been slamming me. I don't think I once had anything negative to say about him. I may make statements sometimes on "Miami Social" but I don't slam a person or publicly ambush them. I will say that I enjoyed Michael on this episode - his level of being a "lady" has toned down and I actually found him a bit more attractive and masculine. If he keeps it up maybe ill take him out for a "shirly-temple" on me.