Ariel defends his often out-of-line behavior.

Jul 28, 2009

George and Lina:

This relationship is clearly unhealthy. George is terrified of leaving Lina, he has no Idea what Lina is capable of doing and he fears that. Lina has george under her thumb and George is trapped. It's a constant "honeymoon cycle" - in definition begins with a fight which leads to a break-up to having make-up sex, to forgiving each other, and starting over again. This "honeymoon cycle" is typical in psychotic unhealthy relationships. Honeymoon cycling only gets worse and worse. We know it from Lina's shoes slammed into the door, we saw it with the knifes and clothing and glasses thrown, whats coming next? These two clearly have got to split before they hurt each other. If Michael was smart he should have not fueled Lina with "Jasmine" comments. Lina was absolutely right by calling Michael an "ass----". In a relationship between two people you never now how hard it is for them to solve the problems they go through. I saw the look in George's face and I can only imagine what happened when Michael and Maria left the house. In these situations you have to be very careful 'cause outsiders can really stir up some laundry and George doesn't have much clothing left in the basket, they've already been sliced & diced.