Ariel defends his often out-of-line behavior.

Jul 28, 2009

Hardy, Katrina and I:

Hardy is very smart and he and Katrina are usually right in their criticism of me and I appreciate them saying it to my face. It wasn't mean spirited or nasty, it was two friends trying to help a friend. I am too defensive and I haven't been successful as of yet to change that habit. I do appreciate their constructive criticism even if I didn't show it. There is nothing more appreciated than friends telling you how they feel about a situation regarding you and trying to help you for the better and face to face. It's a real form of friendship and the bond that was created between Hardy, Katrina and I, my two very exceptional friends and cast members is one that I will remember.

Other notes:

As far as several cast members that think they know me and really don't. My parents sent me to twelve hour a day private schools. six hours daily out of the twelve I had to study and understand subjects of law, first over moral, ethics and love. Being taught if you learn to obey these laws you are automatically ethical and moral. I don't always succeed, but I will keep trying. One thing I do know is that the law is for always, it never changes. These days all we can do is modify these laws of human nature. People aren't perfect and they never will be. I know one day I will learn to explain myself more appropriately and things will come out just right. At least I can sit and write a blog admitting that I'm not perfect, but I do have a heart.