Lina, babies, and scandal. Oh my! George covers it all.

Aug 4, 2009

Yes it happened exactly like that....I think it was the happiest and scariest moment I'd ever experienced. It happened I think like this, 'My first child on the way!!! WOW! Oh my God - My first child -S%#%!!!!' I think being the analytical type I really started thinking about everything we needed to do at the same time trying to figure out if I was having an out-of-body experience. Is my name George? Am I dreaming? As volatile as things between Lina and I are I really think its a miracle and I think she could be a great mom! Obviously we have our share of things to work on, and oh boy, could only imagine when the whole hormone thing really starts to take place.

So as you can imagine to find out that we were not having the child soon after, it was very emotional and sad for both of us. In addition to doubting her pregnancy I know a lot of you are going to say I dodged a bullet here. I really don't look at it that way.

In the last 4 episodes of Miami Social, Lina has come off as off the wall basically, and me being just as crazy for putting up with it (I've been called a wimp and she has been referred to as 'the devil'). The fact is you see what are the major points of drama, what you do miss is that Lina and I both are successful business owners that work 12-16 hours a day, 5-6 days a week (in fact it's quite common for her to work 20 hours a day+), and feel the same economic pressures as most of the country. Not to mention we are both in real estate and have probably felt even more than most industries. Lina started several businesses on her own and with her family since coming to the country only 7 years ago (not speaking the language or knowing anyone, with a few dollars in her pocket) and made a substantial name for herself accross many facets from interior design to real estate to emergency services. In addition, as a person she is very warm, affectionate, and believe it or not even NICE most of the time. We both are very good at pushing each others buttons, which is something we are both guilty of. However I think most of you can identify with that one guy or girl you dated (and maybe even ended up marrying) who you had more passion than anyone else, which also led to some of the worst arguments. Well welcome to mine!