George dishes on Lina, Sorah, and finding an inner "whore."

Aug 11, 2009

Well that certainly was quite an episode and with only a week left, there's quite a bit of loose ends to tie up. In particular Sorah voiced her concern with the particular condo that I occupy. We've been trying to sell for over a year and unfortunately very few actual offers have come in and the ones that have weren't even close to what we were asking. The condowas the last legal 'link' between Sorah and I we both wanted to get rid of it, but at the same time I don't want to just give it away. Certainly I can identify with Sorah's concerns as she states this particular property is in her name alone per an agreement we reached when we separated. I realize that it may cause some stress on her relationship as well as mine, but I don't want that to cause a premature or bad financial decision either. I know a lot of people may be able to identify with the stress of selling real-estate in this market, with values declining and buyers in short supply. It does create undue stress. In addition, I know that Sorah's concern with so called damage to the unit or incidents involving Lina really doesn't play into the decision, but rather a way for her to potentially push the point of my 'unhealthy' relationship. Either way the bottom line is I have every intention of selling the unit as soon as a reasonable offer is made, and it really isn't Sorah's decision to make. Nor is it my intention to use the condominium a way to create a link or tie between Sorah and me. I certainly don't like being told what to do or be given ultimatums when it comes to my property and something that I purchased before my marriage to Sorah and have always maintained separately in addition to my other properties.