George dishes on Lina, Sorah, and finding an inner "whore."

Aug 11, 2009

We got a chance to see a pretty tame yet entertaining 'girls' night out (Katrina, Maria, and Michael-not Mike), and their attempts to find Katrina's "Inner whore," were unsuccessful. As someone who came out of a long term relationship, I can say the rebound usually isn't that quick (especially in the case of a marriage). Far be it for me to entertain the reasoning behind Katrina and Ben's breakup, but I can say that its not reasonable to think that after well over a decade together that either of them would be able to jump back on the horse just like that. There is a need I think to take some time alone (not that you have to become a recluse)  in regards to a romantic relationship. It's nice just to enjoy work, travel, hobbies and good friends. I think that's the healthiest approach. I've approached breakups both ways before and jumping from one relationship into the next never works out in the long run, because it never allows for closure or healing.

Hardy and Ariel both demonstrated their abilities to make things happen. I unfortunately wasn't able to make it to the events due to some  traveling and prior engagements, but was able to catch up with Hardy later that night and was extremely impressed by what he was able to raise for the charity. It speaks highly of Hardy's character and class. In regards to Ariel, I think his fashion show demonstrated his creativity. He's an extremely talented individual and regardless of some of the unfiltered comments and moments he's had prior, and it showed maturity. It also showed that successful people will have success in any undertaking if they put their mind to it. We can all be successful people and should focus on our passions and talents. These guys really showed that this week!