George weighs in on his friends' opinions of his relationship with Lina.

Jul 22, 2009

I've always been one to be independent of peoples' input when it comes to relationships, even the people that only want the best for me. Most of the time they've actually been right, but every now and then it works against popular opinion. Either way I know it was my choice and not anyone else's influence. My friends, family and otherwise have all voiced concern about this relationship...and I 'HEARD' it. I'm also aware that by "reinforcing" it I may not be allowing Lina any personal growth, or for her to feel the repercussions of her actions, which I will absolutely admit have been very difficult to forgive at times.

Alas, I'm no angel myself....and yeah I've been in Miami on and off for over a decade, so I have done a lot of it apparently...from Aventure to Campden (if you saw the first episode you'll get that one). I know that there is a gorgeous bikini clad girl around every corner and this is one place on earth where the shades of green are limitless...