Find out what George thought of Lina's outbursts, dinner with Sorah, and Maria's comments.

Jul 28, 2009

Well the rollercoaster relationship with Lina the meanwhile I'm not going to stop living when she decides to disappear. I do believe she was way out of line.

First of all, everyone is entitled to an opinion, however I live by a rule my Mom always told me, 'If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.' I certainly don't go around trash talking about anyone else (which Maria's blog also covered last week - I think if you want to take shots at others you better make sure you and your facts are bulletproof').

I really did appreciate Katrina speaking up at the Gansevoort regarding everyone else's concern with Lina and that they should focus on themselves... .However, back to Maria, and her account of finding me half naked in bed with another girl. Apparently Maria was there or came in the second wave of people and decided to voice her version of what she thought was happening. It's not her place or anyone else's regardless how right, wrong or otherwise the scenario may have been to make such comments in a public forum. It really wasn't appreciated. Nor was Michael's statement to Lina, whether it was in jest or was out of place. Regardless, friendships come with disagreements and that's part of the growing experience. Sorah's statement that I can't be alone, in some ways is true and also a bit out of context. I enjoy quiet time and time by myself but I'm also a social person and like to be around my friends. In this case I was dealing with the girl (Lina) whom I care deeply about, but who's wrapped up in work or whatever and constantly disappears or blows off our plans...whether excusable or not, it sucks.