Find out what George thought of Lina's outbursts, dinner with Sorah, and Maria's comments.

Jul 28, 2009

When people are in that mode they want a distraction or to be in a social atmosphere and that's what it came down don't read into my invitation to Sorah to hang out, or the close-ups of the tequila bottles. It wasn't anything more! I do hope things with Lina level out so that we can start to focus on each other and spend more quality time with less distractions... As far as me vs. Gonzalo, there is no battle. I think he's a good person.. As long as Sorah is happy, I'm happy....sometimes you just have to give your friends a hard time in jest, and a few lychee martinis help that along as well!

I did want to mention that it's nice to see Katrina is keeping busy in this market (it's not DEAD), and as we can see the cash buyers are king now, however financing for clients is picking up. You can always check my company if you don't have the millions her clients have at

Lastly I do want to mention that I'm sure Ariel is going to get a bunch of sh#@ this week, but he does mean well and is a good person at heart. The problem is how he expresses himself and it was good of Hardy and Katrina to have the little intervention they did to explain how to conduct yourself. BTW Ariel write this down: Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, Bill Gates is the Chairman of Microsoft....cut him some slack, Forrest Gump thought Apple was a fruit company-LOL....and yes Mike, I know its 1:55pm and you still hate Ariel...