Life in Miami isn't all glitz and glamour... Let Katrina explain.

Jul 13, 2009

As a native Miamian I am proud and privileged to express my candid thoughts regarding Miami Social.

I would like to begin by saying that there is much to love about life in ever-evolving and fascinating South Florida aside from its natural beauty and alluring atmosphere. Miami in particular is a bustling metropolis renowned for tourism, fashion and nightlife as well as a Mecca for international business.

The series follows seven of us - young professionals while navigating the waters of the Miami social scene. We are all smart, savvy business professionals who agree to disagree. Like all good friends, we have our share of eccentricities, impetuous and wayward characteristics, as well as occasional volatile disagreements. Of course you will see drama but you will also see individuals from all walks of life, cultures and beliefs that happen to enjoy each other’s company and above all respect the interesting melting pot we truly are. The first episode is a simple snapshot of our lives, yet later on as the series evolves the audience will be able to see the substance in the lives of each cast members. Ultimately we are survivors in a highly competitive, economically challenged era, blessed with the stimulus, splendor and climate of beautiful Miami.