Life in Miami isn't all glitz and glamour... Let Katrina explain.

Jul 13, 2009

My life seems glamorous, but much hard work goes into my day to day. I was brought up in a traditional Cuban-American environment where education, hard work, morals and standards were of the utmost importance. I was also brought up to believe that absolutely everything was attainable. It was that foundation that afforded me the mind-set I grew to believe and sustain today. Contrary to common belief, opportunities were not handed to me on a silver platter - my career is my own and my achievements I share with those that entered the make-up of my character and my thoughts, as well as my success. Nothing gratifies me more that to see others succeed as it is so very palpable to me. Having said that, I truly hope that people will be able to get past the glamour and glitz Miami Social depicts and at the same time relate to the many diverse and unique characteristics the cast has to share.

People that know me well ask me why I decided to embark on this “frivolous” venture, yet for me, the motivating factor had everything to do with my long-term goal to utilize the media to empower women and to encourage them to honor themselves – a subject I am most passionate about. I yearn to instill a sense of self in others and encourage them to make the most of themselves by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of confidence and possibility into flames of optimism, drive and ultimate achievement.