Life in Miami isn't all glitz and glamour... Let Katrina explain.

Jul 13, 2009

I travel all over the world yet once I step on Florida soil, the alluring charm, overwhelming energy and wide diversity of cultures, languages and traditions make me feel whole. Brash and beautiful, edgy and enticing, Miami is all that and much more. I hope you enjoy watching Miami Social as much as I enjoyed filming it!

Just a few words to express my sincere gratitude for your support. I appreciate all of your comments but clearly some are much too kind.

Monica - Funny you mention my bracelets, since they are probably the one eccentricity I enjoy. I believe in the power of nature’s simple elements - crystals and stones possess powerful healing energy. Most of my bracelets I either make myself of have someone make them for me. I am drawn to crystals and stones not only for their energy but for their magnificent beauty – I will dedicate one blog to that specific subject in order to truly give it justice.

Misty & Sherry- My favorite glasses are Yves Saint Laurent, I absolutely love them.

Jen – Diet and fitness -Trust me this is a topic I am obsessive about and will share my thoughts when I get a moment.

Shannon – Thank you for your kind words – again I TRY! I strive for excellence and do not settle for mediocrity. Sometimes I simply do not have the time to express my true thoughts eloquently but people get it anyway! LOL

Dfunk – Your words moved me! Stay tuned as I can certainly relate to your comments. I will write about my relationship with Ben later on as the series evolves.

Mike – I appreciate your kind words but the other guys on the show work really hard as well – stay tuned and you will see! As far as my carrier during these challenging times, I am blessed with great friends who are also clients – Hard work, respect, loyalty and being true to yourself and others pays off.

Mr. Coleman – I appreciate your comment - I plan to – thank you for your encouragement.

V@ne – Thank you, you are very sweet and clearly bright and well spoken - Things have a way of working out for the best if you believe as I do that the universe is in perfect order. Ben is a terrific guy– the mere reason why I married him. Watch and see what happens. ~Ciao

Viewer (unidenfied) - I would have to agree with you on one point – I am not gorgeous, but I love who I am and most importantly I am extremely comfortable in my own skin. I am a firm believer in good energy – having said that - I LOVE MIAMI and BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP! Have a Greater Day!

Michelle esqueda-sosa – Watch and see as the show evolves and thank you for your support.

Victoria – I appreciate your continued support – I learned quite a bit on The Apprentice and Donald Trump was truly a mentor. He is a genius of sorts.

Lauren – Thanks I LOVE Stilettos as you will be able to see! LOL

Norma – I guess we must meet sometime and chat, it sounds like we have a few things in common.

Mona Lisa – Your comment is very interesting, I wish I could elaborate but not at this point as you can well understand. Hope you keep watching!

Marissa – Indeed! Keep watching you will enjoy the show without a doubt!