Maria gives her take on Miami Social's complicated relationships.

Jul 31, 2009

I wanted to write about friends and friendships in this current blog based on episode three. But really all episode 3 was about was LOVE. The goddamn love :) The sweet love. The oppressing love. The love of a man to a woman. Love for life. LOVE was the main thread that I noticed being sewn into the episode's fabric throughout.

The third episode clearly shows that life on the beach is not all that and not all about the beach. It's about us being normal and doing normal things in our abnormal life. I couldn't help but think how each one of us truly are yearning to be loved and love someone. Even when all we can think or talk about is sex (all the while wanting to just be cuddled late at night by our lover before or after or during the period of physical satisfaction) .

Or when we envision ourselves very powerful (just so we never get denied to have sex — be loved on that desk that not even Donald Trump can have, helllooo he has already gotten himself a lady to love him :). Or when we dress to be powerful and put a lot of make up on to support the appearance of looking older and perceived wiser and distract ourselves with our huge goals of making that deal today, that will make a difference (when truly all we want is our soon-to-be husband to tell us he missed us during the weekend instead of enjoying the lap-dances at the bachelor party). When we feel empowered after sex, or after we finish writing about celebrities "totally not getting married" (all the while aching to marry a nice guy who will love us as much as we would love him) . Or when we cut our lover's pants to make a statement and tell them to not play with our heart (during which we think 'is it really the right guy for us?' Because if we have to wonder what his reaction to our pregnancy will be, then maybe you are not in the right kind of phase of a relationship to have babies yet) .