Maria gives her take on Miami Social's complicated relationships.

Jul 31, 2009

Or when we exercise vigorously on the lawn with our fiance and dont want him to waste rare time shared together on some stupid phone calls discussing furniture? ( We really dont want them to pick up that phone at all and instead tell us they love us just as we are with or without extra pounds). Or when we converse with our child over the internet via skype asking them whether their outfits worked and if they met someone nice they liked (while really wishing they would do better than you did and that is the reason you work so hard and give it all you can).

Pheewww. Can you tell I am ready for love now?

There are a few things I hope I will never forget whether life will grant me love or not :

1. Treat yourself with respect. Because no matter how much love you have got in your heart the only way to truly be able to give is ask yourself if you are loving what you're doing and if there is enough respect (not pride) for yourself in all your actions and desires. If the answer is YES then go for it and no matter what others say (even your best friends), somehow you are on a right path.

2. Take chances. Right after you responded yes to that question above feel free to take that chance. My life experience (living on various continents and having friends and past lovers from various parts of the world as well as my ability to analyze, and many many conversations with people close to my heart about all that stuff) has proven to me that taking chances is the best thing we can do for ourselves. More times than not we are pleasantly surprised, in some instances we discover something so totally new and unknown that our life perception changes so drastically that we cant go on the way we did before and we embrace the new and ultimately become happier human beings. WE are given lives to explore and challenge and I truly believe that is the best part of it!