Maria gives her take on Miami Social's complicated relationships.

Jul 31, 2009

3. Do the things you love. At least once a day. It breeds the good practice of understanding we all need this time for ourselves to make ourselves feel better. And we are more accepting of something like that in others (like someone wondering what you would think of a silly new desk) or someone stuffing their face with chips (when they really shouldn't, but oh they taste so good) or someone wearing incredulous amount of arm bangles that might irritate us sometime (albeit they do look cool in certain circumstances). We all of a sudden see the world in different colors. We are filled with love and we project love and the world loves us back in every sense of this word, granting us meeting of amazing people, great weather, love of our children and a simple sense of belonging to the human race that you would rather love than hate. I have wanted to express my profound gratitude to all of you my newfound friends who keep finding time to comment on the blog and watch the show. Whether you are a TV junkie and you live through us on the show  or you simply got stuck on Bravo flipping from BBC news to CNN. THANK YOU.

To give something back,  I would like to share some advice on how to make better pictures at parties (because taking pictures is what I do excellent :)

1. Position the camera high up to shoot from the higher point and set up flash to overexpose slightly. The night snapshot mode with slightly overexposed flash compensation gives the best result no matter how tired or drunk the party goers are. On the beach shoot against the sun flash ON.

2. Powder skin under the eyes, this is the part that ages us most on pictures. With current make up offerings (OK, on the show I made a couple mistakes but we all live and learn and that is why i have chosen to write about it) it's easy to cover this area up without it looking too caked , but trust my words you will see the difference as in looking 10 years fresher when u do how I suggest. Currently I use foundation (my fav is lasting silk UV foundation with spf 20) and powder options from Giorgio Armani and it works MAGIC!