Maria tells you what to expect this season on Miami Social!

Jul 16, 2009

I keep re-watching the first episode and it still had not worn itself out on me in its visual extravagance, juiciness and amount of amazing characters on one square of the TV screen.

I love re-watching the scenes with Michael. We have a synergy between us like only really good friends would! He makes me feel naughty - thank God he is gay!!! It makes me miss my time with my best friends in London, Prague, Lugano, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Saint Petersburg.

I am glad viewers had a chance to see me working, doing my thing. Several people approached me in the local Wild Oats with surprised look on their faces: "Oh my God i had no idea you had a job!" So often we hang labels on people (guilty as charged) and Miami is full of blonds with large breasts (albeit not all natural like me ) with questionable day jobs :). It's all about pro choice and believing you can change your life and go for it without doubts.