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Jul 16, 2009

I am proud of the things I have achieved in life and I am REALLY lucky to have had an opportunity to meet amazing people on my life path, friends that were a tremendous help and inspiration for me. I've come a long way from Saint-Petersburg, Russia where my whole family moved into one room in a three room communal apartment living when I was 5 and mom brought all her family from an old Russian town so her kids would grow up surrounded by culture, theaters and beautiful architecture. And no I am not talking about the show itself as a huge achievement. I had experience surviving on my own with no friends, family or any kind of support system in a country with foreign language and with no equal education or job to set me off on an ideal path right away. All that had made me who I am today, and what you see on the show is what you get.

Now being 33 I have arrived to the point where I realize how important it is to be happy on an everyday basis, and how possible it is! Importance of high-end long term goals in undeniable, but I wish I could inject into everyone who I see without a smile on their faces or who's shoulders are down under the life's heaviness with the understanding that I have in every cell of my being , that we already have everything we need for happiness when we are born. We have legs to walk, arms to hug people we love, fingers to touch, eyes to see, ears to listen, and heart to feel. I have gone to understand beauty comes in all shapes and forms. And I have grown up to accept myself the way I am.

My daughter is going through this period right now. You know what teenagers are like :) Never like what they have and always want to be what they are not :) Hopefully she will arrive to the point of loving herself for who she is far faster then I have :)