Maria counts down the most memorable moments of episode 5.

Aug 12, 2009

Drops of my favorite mimosa (champagne and orange juice) on my keyboard, liquid cooling my throat, bubbles having a prolonged party traveling the roller coaster of my throat as if immediately transported in my blood stream that is flowing into my brain, the view of great Los Angeles at my feet from the Penthouse floor of my famous hotel. Breeze is touching my shoulders lightly, sun is warming my bronzing skin. My mind is free after an hour of invigorating yoga at West Hollywood Equinox followed by the no less invigorating Michael Levine's industry breakfast. It is now 3 p.m. on Tuesday in the time of forever. Could it be more perfect?

My mind is holding onto this one thought that had lived in my brain since last week's happenings of my life reinforced by the viewing of the current episode of Miami Social.

A thought about assertiveness ....

Assertiveness is linked to self-esteem and considered an important communication skill. As a communication style and strategy, assertiveness is distinguished from aggression and passivity. How people deal with personal boundaries; their own and those of other people, helps to distinguish between these three concepts. Passive communicators do not defend their own personal boundaries and thus allow aggressive people to harm or otherwise unduly influence them. They are also typically not likely to risk trying to influence anyone else. Aggressive people do not respect the personal boundaries of others and thus are liable to harm others while trying to influence them. A person communicates assertively by not being afraid to speak his or her mind or trying to influence others, but doing so in a way that respects the personal boundaries of others. They are also willing to defend themselves against aggressive incursions. (Wikipedia)