Maria counts down the most memorable moments of episode 5.

Aug 12, 2009

In the fast paced world of todays relationships, more so in Miami, a week is considered to be an anniversary (Michael and Diego's date), 6 years is not enough to get married and have babies (Hardy and Trixia), 13 years is enough to break up (Kat and Ben), 2 years is not enough to establish the basics of respective communication ( Lina and George) and one night is enough to have a walk of shame morning after (=we all have been there, I am sure). All of the above mentioned could have been avoided, softened, lived through and enjoyed so much more if we all were the masters of assertiveness.

Like the birds in the sky in the beginning of episode clouding the sky screaming wildly we get carried away inside our brain when we don't have enough self respect to stop for a second and assess the situation. We yell because we dont know better (Lina and George). We agree nodding when we really should speak up (Ben telling Kat he can't wait for her things to be out of the house). What we should do is start loving ourselves enough to REALLY ask ourselves what is that:" I WANT" and after we answer that question politely, make a statement to the rest of the world of our knowledge and feel accomplished, because that is where success in everything in our lives starts. Respecting ourselves we immediately respect other peoples wishes, desires and aspirations without feeling squeezed, pinched, ultimately defeated because someone has the guts to do what we cant put our mind to. BEING OPEN AND HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

I know this is my lesson for the next few months, and I'm practicing every day. ASSERTIVENESS. I hope you will try that too and let me know how that worked out for you?