Maria counts down the most memorable moments of episode 5.

Aug 12, 2009

Now to the lighter stuff :) Three most memorable moments of the episode 5:

1. The Kat's Inner whore night out. Remember I mentioned that Kat would divert attention of men to me that were brought by Michael to meet her? Well, she did it big time at the very end of the night. Remember when Kat mentions it's HER music playing and she is off to dance? Well, she had to trade in my business card to the video director for the latin music to be put in Aerobat. She muscled it out of me, telling me she had a business client for my photography and she will introduce me to him, meanwhile she negotiated with Ivan (the video director) and latin music being put on the speakers after he pointed at me and asked for my card as a payment. Little did she know we would end up working together on HUGE project called ART OCTAGON that would premier during ULTRA festival in Miami with success.

2. Operation Smile. It always warms my heart to see other people helping others. I wish I was there. I was traveling to see Angelika in Lugano and could not make it to the event. I myself am nursing an idea of a charity helping single mothers to achieve their full potential, once in a while giving ability to let their hair loose and be cared for and have a support system that will make them feel NEVER ALONE.