Maria lets you in on her fave moments from the episode.

Aug 5, 2009

THE QUESTION THAT WAS BURNING THROUGH MY HEAD WHILE WATCHING THE NEW EPISODE : Are we really that different from animals? Quoting honest words of TIME Magazine: "No single, essential difference separates human beings from animals." Let's see how we stand up to that one.

The 5 scenes that made my stomach turn upside down.

1. REASONING MIND. There is a little pre-history to the EA lingerie meeting. A grand scheme of ArielĀ  to manipulate a photographer into Ariel's deal with EA to get national exposure for a couple thousand greens. I have never worked with Ariel and had never been in contact with his work ethic (say what)? I was told by Ariel that we would meet to discuss an editorial photo-shoot with EA lingerie as a good faith start of a relationship between Maria as a photographer, ArielĀ  as art director (at that point I was under impression Ariel actually KNEW what art direction was) and EA as a client. When we arrived at the meeting all of a sudden ladies from EA started talking about national campaign for next year and asking me what I could bring to the table. None of the questions asked by the EA lingerie team was I able to answer, being interrupted by Ariel over and over and over again.