Maria lets you in on her fave moments from the episode.

Aug 5, 2009

Usual rule of thumb — do not finalize the money at first meeting, so many things go into the photoshoot — I could not quote them right there and then without additional information. Ariel tried to close the deal there and then and I had to figure out how to get out of that situation all the while 'keeping the face." My reputation is what keeps bringing me jobs. I value the reputation that I had created in professional circles. Situations like that are a great training to master the craft of business of photography and learn to do your study on people you are about to engage in business with as part of your team . No surprises in the future please.

Tiny bit about the whole passion thing. Result of the job is as important for me as a joy that comes doing it. I have trained myself to deliver results no matter what. Passion is one thing. Delivering on the client's goal is something else. Understanding what client needs and putting your best foot forward and making it happen to everybody's satisfaction is all together a different skill usually driven not just by passion only.

2. BOOOOO BABYYYY BOOOO. Hardy giving advice to George on kids, getting married, etc. From one broken winged bird to another one about to be broken. Spare the drama! Learn to live not offer your not-so-positive advice. If you are living and tolerating something that does not make you happy LEAVE IT ALONE. Start anew. Gosh, I know it's easy to say. But honestly we all have to do it sometime. If you learn how to do that clean slate - LET ME KNOW !

3. PASSION CURRENCY. The shock on EA lingerie girl's faces when they get introduced to a new photographer right on a shoot. I would hate to be a client who gets put in a position like that. I think they handled themselves gracefully. Side not: Interesting how PASSION of a photographer was not enough to produce stunning images. I wonder if any of those shots ever made it to print. And the icing on the cake - Ariel praising himself on how well he had done on that shoot in the commentary.

4. LOOK TO THE LEFT, YOU WILL SEE....Kat performing for the camera during the Ben and Kat scene at Van Dyke Cafe. When I was listening to her talk about how great Miami is I felt like I was listening to the radio anchor advertising the next tourist trap, i couldn't help but ask myself "Kat who are you talking to??," its BEN your husband of 13 years. I know I come down hard on Kat in my blog and truly I wish her all the best and especially to be ( if she is not I am sure she is VERY close ) continue being truly happy. NOT TO CALL OUT on all the things that are not making sense after close observation is one of the things I am learning nowadays. Because really what good had it done to anyone?