Maria lets you in on her fave moments from the episode.

Aug 5, 2009

5. MANIPULATE ME, HONEY. The scene where Lina starts "milking" (George's wording) George for all his sanity with the pregnancy thing. Come on guys. Just run! Opposite direction from each other. Both of you I am sure both of you are BETTER human beings without each other. And now to the good stuff!

My fav moments of the episode 4.

1.Telling to Ariel I cant work with him. It was not easy. But I stood my grounds, I was professional. I loved it. Notice how I take my shades off so he can see my eyes? I like to have eye contact with people. Remember the tip I gave YOU last week on the powdering under the eye area. Yep it def would have helped me in that scene :) I feel like may be I should have taken it more seriously with the make up and looking pristine during filming, just like Kat did. The big lashes and Dewey skin and the whole shebang.

2. Gonzalo giving present to Sorah. It shows he thought of her on his trip and it was a present that was personal. lovely.

3. Watching Kat look at houses. I think you CAN live in a 7 bedroom home as a single girl, Michael. And who cares what people think of you!?

4. Holding Michael's hand during eye surgery. I am glad i was there for him, he is a real girl about things like that :) Dr. Lessner was a true sweetheart and very gentle and professional, let alone good looking ! His wife Maria is a lucky girl :)) I guess we will have to be building more pillow walls in bed in next 10 days between me and Michael, because we both are going to LA! I will be blogging about the trip on my website. Michael and me really bonded after filming. We watched THE SECRET last night and Michael already had been experiencing it in action right next day. His Kabbalah bracelet fell off as a good sign! I have read the book in 2006 and my success today is a manifestation of the Secret - in other words of positive thinking and of the law of attraction. Watch the movie guys ;) You will see what I mean.