Is Miami full of shallowness and deception? Maria breaks it all down.

Jul 21, 2009

Do you think people lie ? Do you think telling half truth is truth or a lie ? Do you believe lying ultimately leads to our dismay and destroys relationships whether business or personal?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Is it too deep for you ?

Watching the second episode, I couldn't help but ask myself those questions and notice the little lies that grow through the Miami Social's cast lives like a grapevine, pretty and lively and colorful, but ready to suffocate at any time ...

Here is my countdown of my three least favorite lies of Miami social:

1. Hardy lying to Trixia, saying he loves her. Remember the scene where he converses with George about love, marriage, etc (such a regular thing for guys to talk over the beer. NOT!). In the commentary he says: "I want to be married to someone because I love them, not because i feel trapped). Hello ! He just said he DOES NOT LOVE HER! I cant help but ask, WHY stay in relationship for 6 years if you know you don't love the person ?

2. Katrina about working too much, because she must have spent at least three hours after her "lunch hour break" paddle boarding getting back into the gear by putting herself together. We all know how Katrina loves big hair and "finished" make up look, which all the girls know takes FOREVER. So if she does not work all the time, what is she doing?