Michael takes a stab at Lina and dishes on his favorite lines from the night.

Jul 27, 2009

"Katrina Needs To Take It.”

Doesn’t she, right? Aren’t you sick of seeing what she does all the time? Work, work, work? I get it. I totally get it girl -- you work. But she needs to find her inner whore, because we all have them!

Lately I am not in love with Katrina’s fashions. The boots; the bangles; the flannel shirts in Miami. But I have to say that the pencil skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes and Louis Vuitton bag when she was on the yacht…Now that was hot. As the queens would say when it comes to that outfit, YOU BETTER WORK GURLLLLLL. (

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“So I Went Down On You Longer?”

I mean can you believe George asked Sorah if Gonzalo was doing that better than he did? Here is the crazy thing or maybe it’s my sick mind but I swear I could see Sorah contemplating her answer. I could almost see running a visual of both George or Gonzalo ‘going down on her.’

Here is the problem -- Sorah never answered the question!

“George, I don’t know about that,” she replied. But then again actions speak louder than words and maybe when she left dinner and George midway that was the answer.

“This is not funny, A*shole.”

I love when Lina said this to me. First of all, let me tell you bitch what’s not funny - your white eyeliner. Secondly, your crazy behavior. I don’t like how she treats George. That night she joked about how she has moved in and out of George's about 180 times; then tells me ‘actually she and George will be seeing less of each other.” Even George said it was ‘news to him.’ So I went in and did what I thought was best, defended George by saying “I guess we will be seeing more of Jasmine.”

Maybe it wasn’t the best time or place to say something like that but I did apologize right away. To be honest, I was scared especially after she slammed the door and then we heard the sound of shattered glass, that being Lina breaking something. She’s a lunatic.