Michael takes a stab at Lina and dishes on his favorite lines from the night.

Jul 27, 2009

“Lina, the Russian Tailor”

One for Hardy last night! I loved when he gave Lina the new title. What’s not funny is she really isn’t a tailor, she’s a psycho. As I say, “an unhealthy mess.” I mean what a crazy. I have been annoyed with boyfriends and cursed a few out, but I would never get out scissors and knives and destroy their clothes. And the worst part is Lina doesn’t seem ashamed of her behavior, but then again psychos don’t even know they are being psycho.

“You can F*ck each other and have psychotic babies.”

Wasn’t that awesome of Maria? Defending me like that? I was actually shocked because I didn’t expect that gathering at the Gans to get that crazy! But you have to understand that Maria was really pissed and it takes a lot to get her angry. What she was really annoyed about was she saw George in bed with Jasmine (and as George points out 29 other people were joining in on the soiree or more so what sounds to me like an orgy.)

But anyway, the root of the problem was Maria saw what she saw and George told her that was a bunch of bullsh*t. Maria doesn’t take well to being called liar. Clearly.