Find out why Michael isn't so in love with Ariel. Plus, his fave moments of the episode.

Aug 11, 2009

That is the most horrible thing. That you say you are designing a line of dresses and bathing suits and all you have really done is paid some underpaid hungry want to be designer money to make some clothes based on some vague ideas and pages of other people's work you pulled out from a magazine. This you think, is a good example to aspiring fashion designers watching Miami Social? This you think is a good example of how Miami works? This is how you lead by example? This is how you present the city to a national audience?

I mean, watching last night my jaw dropped. There is Katrina in what I swear was the worst dress I have ever seen (it looked like Lina got out her knives too and it looked like something Lina might wear to her secondary job) standing with a crumpled piece of paper in her hand with some BS speech and then she announces that she is actually not wearing a dress designed by Ariel (um, at his own show that she is announcing!) but by that of his lead designer. WHAT ??? WHAT ???? WHAT ????

This is what I mean by smoke and mirrors, if you aren’t paying attention to the details you get caught up in that clap track.