Find out why Michael isn't so in love with Ariel. Plus, his fave moments of the episode.

Aug 11, 2009

His comments aren’t funny.

Here are a few that have irked me:

“My business plan is actually mathematical in numbers…”

“Doctors are like dentists, right?”

“Bill Gates the Macintosh guy,

”Get the fat girl out of table”

“Hardy I admire you, you even talk to ugly people”

I don’t want friends like this in my life. We all need friends to elevate our minds, be kind and respectful and be there for us on screen and off screen.

When Ariel stops living a life of dillusion and starts acting like an adult,  I’ll think about catching up with him. Until then, girl it’s ‘ova.’

Now let me get on with what was hot, hot, hot this week:

- Lina asking George: “Do you think I’m a liar?” Um, yes? I mean WTF you crazy bitch! You ran around Miami telling people you had an abortion so you could get George's attention? Are you kidding me? And then you go in the bedroom to screw away your problems? Just like that? Like saying you had an abortion and didn’t is so low down dirty. Trixia got it just perfectly when she asked Hardy, “What the f*ck is wrong with that girl?”