Michael counts down his fave moments from the premiere!

Jul 14, 2009

The first question people always have for me is, “How did you get on this reality show?” The answer is I went for it. I knew there was a casting, I called, was interviewed, and shortly thereafter got a call inviting me to join the cast of ‘Miami Social.”

That question is always followed by, “Why are you doing a reality show and opening up your life for millions of viewers?” The general one word answer is “opportunities.” I knew it would be an adventure and that the good would heavily outweigh any negative.

More specifically, I was making a mid-life change from being an entertainment editor for years (I was a Palm Beach Special Correspondent for People and later Miami Editor for In Touch Weekly) to becoming an entrepreneur and launching my own project thestylelabonline.com. And, my dating life is not so much, so maybe this is my own version of The Bachelor, well, the Gay Bachelor.

So basically I’m here for career and relationship purposes and that shouldn’t seem odd because that is what Miami Social is all about, a group of friends that work hard and sometimes even harder at having that right relationship with themselves and someone they love, albeit a boyfriend, daughter or soon to be ex.

But really that’s what life is about – relationships. Sometimes we are poignant and deep. Sometimes we are shallow and catty. I like to zone in on those because they are a lot funnier.