Michael recaps his fave moments and he's not sparing anyone this time!

Jul 21, 2009

Did we bring the heat or what BITCHES??? Before I dive into all the dirt about Episode Two, let me tell you what is happening behind the scenes in our lives today.

I lost the Miami Social poll of which guy packs the most heat! WTF FANS?

I had dinner with Sorah this weekend at Sushi Siam on Biscayne Blvd in Miami. We got totally out of the spotlight because guess what, in this small city we are getting some level of notoriety.

“Oh my god,” this girl screamed at me when I was in line buying Nicorette Gum at Walgreen’s. “You’re one of ‘The Socials!!!!!’”

What? ‘The Socials?’ Who???

Okay, I’ll roll with the title. So two ‘Socials,’ Maria and myself, hit up one fashion show over the weekend, which was Krell Knitwear. I only went to the show because my Maria A.K.A. ‘My K.G.B. Bitch’ walked the show. She looked nothing short of amazing.