Michael recaps his fave moments and he's not sparing anyone this time!

Jul 21, 2009


Could you believe when Lina came upstairs and interrupted Gonzalo making vagina- like pasta for Sorah? I know Sorah was pissed and so was Gonzalo. First of all, how clueless of Lina not to understand why George was angry at her and then to ask Sorah for advice?

That moment was priceless when Sorah was explaining how she thinks George and Lina are crazyyyyyy. Sorah looked as if she was imitating a Cuckoo Clock.

I think Sorah may be the most grounded of all of us and should be a role model for ‘The Real Ex Housewives Club.’

Side note: That scene made me realize Lina joins Ramona from RHNY in the ‘crazy eye’ department.


I was teary eyed for a moment when Maria took her daughter to the airport. Blame it on the music. I mean that haunting voice in the song compounded with my sweet little (not her boobs) Maria’s emotions made for a heavy moment.

I had to chuckle over Maria’s outfit. What’s up with the preppy tie? Was that in honor of her daughter leaving for boarding school or a bad fashion faux pas? Isaac would definitely not be buying it.


Trixia, do you have a “gay” with an intelligent head on his shoulders? Didn’t you consult with one before you demanded babies? Hasn’t any gay told you don’t ask a man for babies? I mean WTF??? You have to ease them into the idea of being a dad or uh, just make it happen…

After that bomb of a conversation about how Hardy told you his friend with a baby was ‘killing his buzz” about parenthood didn’t you realize it was a bad time to throw down the baby demand? I mean, aren’t there other things you could ask for like a new dress?

And next time Hardy walks out on you and leaves dessert behind like that ice cream, call me.

P.S. I love vanilla with chocolate sprinkles on top.