Michael recaps his fave moments and he's not sparing anyone this time!

Jul 21, 2009

Speaking of babies. Katrina’s mom wants to be a grandmother and I wish Kat would just lift one from the crib of some mansion she is showing so I don’t have to listen to her mom lament on and on about this topic.


Last week we learned Ariel really hates fat people. This week we learned he hates ugly people. How many of you now hate him? But let's not hate and let's relate: he does provide lots of fodder and he does take the heat off of me.

Here is a scene I just loved: He calls up Hardy (yeah during the same ‘I need Babies’ dinner) and says that he has some really high profile fashion people coming to the Gans.

Now if I called anyone had said that, I would have Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss with me.

Um, did you see Ariel’s version of a high profile fashion types? Some ‘Muscle Mary’ in camouflage pants and a tight t-shirt. The other looked like a D list model booker.

Ariel’s reaction to being told ‘no’ to the cabana was priceless. He looks at Hardy with a matching eye roll then pauses for a second like a bitch and tells hardy, “Ok – F*ck You.”