Michael recaps his fave moments and he's not sparing anyone this time!

Jul 21, 2009

Dude, you just got prime seating and a free bottle. What the hell?

And I have one question, if you are so rich and so amazing and the best thing since slice bread and grew up having EVERYTHING, why do you need a comp bottle? Save it for a lucky tourist.


First of all, I need to confess something. My birthday is actually in July. I celebrate in September and that’s because I actually turn my birthday parties into charity events. And no one is in Miami in July, but they are back in September.

Instead of gifts I asked all my guests to donate money to my charity of choice, the Diabetes Research Institute. That night we raised $5,000. Two of my closest friends both lost their fathers to Diabetes

Did you like my version of the “Fashion Show?” At least you could understand me (unlike Merlin and Reco) when I said I looked “so Brad Pitt…” Not so much. It must have been the champagne getting to my head. It was pretty funny that I could think such an absurdity.

Speaking of champagne, I’m slightly upset with my parenting skills. I didn’t raise Austin well. He didn’t want a sip of the bubbly.

The outfit I decided for my birthday was Lanvin and those YSL high tops, which I have totally retired. But I did love that big Tom Ford bowtie. It’s bitchy, classic, twisted and relevant.

And what about this line when Katrina asks me about my invite list and defends Ariel saying “we are all made out of the same fabric.” My answer, and I swear this is not a scripted show: “I would be cashmere. Ariel is a poly blend.”

So true, right?