Michael recaps his fave moments and he's not sparing anyone this time!

Jul 21, 2009

If you are wondering why I was a sweaty mess during the planning of my birthday party it was because it was maybe 99 degrees with 100% humidity. But nothing could have irritated me more than someone suggesting costumes with Afros! Then blinking things? What??? I thought I was in Bar Mitzvah hell planning.

But I don’t want to be a bitch, everyone donated their time for charity. Those girls in those outfits - now they were smoking.

By the way, I am so over disco balls. They are so out and so not chic. What’s in is multi media and I’m really into projections. That’s old too but if you are hip, there are ways to make it way cool and fresh (by the way I am writing a book proposal on ways to make yourself relevant so wish me luck!).

The bday drama I wasn’t into so much. George coming with some other blonde girl, or as he says, “a hotter blond girl?” I mean dude, couldn’t you come alone? Why did you have to pimp out on me and bring that chick Jasmine?

But I will tell you I loved how the show closed. There were the girls, Sorah, Katrina and Maria, gossiping under our breath about George's date while posing for pictures and myself. That was a fun little moment.