Sorah dishes the dirt on what she really thinks of Lina.

Jul 22, 2009

Anyway, my advice to Lina was the same advice I give to my friends in life about lots of issues from work to personal: Breath, calm down and then make concious decision. I don't like crazy energy. Speaking of crazy energy, I really enjoy when we all get together at the Gansevoort. You know, Michael and Ariel's little chicken fights!!! Katrina is great, I just think that she needs to loosen up a little. I was sad about her & Ben, but she is beautifful & young - life goes on and it's not all about work! Maria's scene was emotional to me, and it might sound silly, but I actually cried when she sent her daughter to school. :o/ A lot of people have asked me how I have handled my divorce with George.

Here what I always try to keep in mind.

1. No matter what - try to learn THE lesson!

2. respect yourself and "try" to respect each other

3. Enjoy what's left, an i mean the friendship you once shared.

Okay! Big Kiss, until Next Tuesday! S