Find out what Sorah thinks of Lina and George's relationship.

Aug 6, 2009

Maria & Ariel's SHOOT; I have to agree with Ariel on that one, of course the money is super important, but to be a photographer or an art director you must have passion, c'mon it's an art!!! On a another note, of course Maria has it, if you see her work, you will see it, the passion really comes out and every piece! I am a strong believer that we will always do better what we love to do, and be gifted & talented is definitely a huge bonus! But what really made me laugh was the comment Ariel added right after the scene; "sometimes you got to thing before you say things, sometimes I have to think." Haha, classic!!!

Then Michael pursuit for LOVE; and BTW what I LOVE is his laughter, I don't even care about what he says sometimes, but if he laughs, I can't help but to laugh with him. And the fact that he met someone that Gonzalo & I know, is super! I pray that this works out, he deserves it!

I have to go back to work now, see ya next week!