Love Life, Shed Light, and the Rest Will Follow

August 24, 2009 • 12:40 PM ET
Miami Social’s season finale wraps up as a controversial, daring, volatile and (believe it or not) thought-provoking show for some … yet for others, Miami Social will leave footprints of an ever-evolving, vibrant, edgy, bustling metropolis...
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Incredibly Moved

August 18, 2009 • 2:37 PM ET
I actually have watched the finale half a dozen times from beginning to end and found myself incredibly moved (in many different directions).......
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I Choose To Be Me

August 18, 2009 • 1:10 PM ET
Please show me a funny movie. After watching the finale of Miami Social I wanted to weep. Weep so hard that wolfs on an imaginary moon would hear me and come play with me and we can make it into a positive experience instead of the earth...
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A Hair Raising Season!

August 17, 2009 • 3:09 PM ET
WTF FANS??? DID WE NOT BRING THE HEAT BITCHES OR WHAT? I was burning up after watching that. Actually, I was almost ready to cry. That was sort of an emotional experience for me and all of us ‘socials.’ Our lives, just unfolded, just like that....
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The Usual Suspects

August 12, 2009 • 9:43 AM ET
So far we had seen some drama coming mostly from the same "usual suspects" and finally on Episode 5 we see that we are all human and with our own personal drama....
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Man in the Mirror

August 12, 2009 • 9:26 AM ET
Drops of my favorite mimosa (champagne and orange juice) on my keyboard, liquid cooling my throat, bubbles having a prolonged party traveling the roller coaster of my throat as if immediately transported in my blood stream that is flowing into ...
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A Clear Picture

August 12, 2009 • 9:13 AM ET
It’s a clear picture of this chemical addiction George has towards Lina. He clarifies to us that Lina is a drug and he cannot escape it. How terrible is it to love someone when you cannot really share your lives, thoughts and feelings with them....
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