Crazy Energy

Sorah dishes the dirt on what she really thinks of Lina.

I know! It's not easy being George's Ex Wife! Let me tell you!

My relationship with George is interesting. We have a past and I adore him, but make no mistake this is a love/hat relationship, keep watching & you will see. I was totally shocked when Lina came to Gonzalo's apartment. I think you were shocked too, huh?

First, isn't Gonzalo great? He is aware and knows the deal between George and I. He respects my past and that's I think one of the things that works so well..

C'mon now! I think Lina was pushing it when she came up here to complain about George. I was enjoying my evening, having a romantic date with my boyfriend and I was so upset that Lina came to the door?! Here is what I really think about Lina, if I may: She doesn't have manners; she has anger management issues and I think her job is very questionable. I too am in in real estate. I work for one of the biggest development companies in the country - The Related Group (feel free to check & I doubt that my boss would ask me to go "work" in St. Barts on a 164 foot yacht. You?

Anyway, my advice to Lina was the same advice I give to my friends in life about lots of issues from work to personal: Breath, calm down and then make concious decision. I don't like crazy energy. Speaking of crazy energy, I really enjoy when we all get together at the Gansevoort. You know, Michael and Ariel's little chicken fights!!! Katrina is great, I just think that she needs to loosen up a little. I was sad about her & Ben, but she is beautifful & young - life goes on and it's not all about work! Maria's scene was emotional to me, and it might sound silly, but I actually cried when she sent her daughter to school. :o/ A lot of people have asked me how I have handled my divorce with George.

Here what I always try to keep in mind.

1. No matter what - try to learn THE lesson!

2. respect yourself and "try" to respect each other

3. Enjoy what's left, an i mean the friendship you once shared.

Okay! Big Kiss, until Next Tuesday! S

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Incredibly Moved

George explains why finding one's "inner whore" was the theme of the finale!

I actually have watched the finale half a dozen times from beginning to end and found myself incredibly moved (in many different directions)....

However one theme was evident:

Katrina and Ben finalized their chapter and embarked on new find their inner whores separately.

Maria decided she wants to start dating and prolong her life by finding her inner whore.

Michael did some self improvement=confidence=dating=inner whore.

Ariel shows his inner whore has some ethics.

Sorah has found the man to satisfy her inner whore...

Hardy figures out his inner whore probably just isn't ready to settle down yet......and me???

We'll, I've tried all season long to supress my inner whore and transcend my past to focus on one woman whom I would want to grow old with....I've really got nothing else to say...


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